WebSacco Features

Onboarding & Member Enrollment
Onboarding & Member Enrollment

Membership management has never been easier.

With WebSacco you can:
1) On-board new and existing kikundi members,
2) Suspend members from your kikundi,
3) Remove/delete members from your kikundi

Member Fining

On WebSacco you can have different fine categories for the fines members are subjected to. This makes it easier for the members to make fine payments directly from their Mobile Applications. Tip: WebSacco configures contributions to automatically fine members on late payment.

Onboarding & Member Enrollment
Onboarding & Member Enrollment
Member Checkoffs

Does your kikundi do checkoffs? Set and submit checkoffs for all members with one click members on WebSacco

Loans Management

With WebSacco you can:
1. Create diverse loan products for your members based on various merits e.g based on member savings.
2. Approve or decline member loan applications.
3. Autodisburse loans on approval.
4. Track a loan performance.

Onboarding & Member Enrollment
Onboarding & Member Enrollment

1. Deposit transactions.
2. Kikundi withdrawal transactions.
3. Account to account transfers
4. Receive and reconcile transaction alerts directly from your bank.

Group Reports

Some of the featured report types are:
1. Cash-flow report.
2. Income statement report.
3. Expenses summary.
4. Transaction statement.
5. Trial balance report.
6. Balance sheet.
7. Contributions summary.
8. Fines summary.

Onboarding & Member Enrollment
Onboarding & Member Enrollment
Group Investments

Manage your kikundi investments and track your portofolio on WebSacco.
Use our comprehensive investments module to:
1. Manage your assets.
2. Manage your stocks investments.
3. Manage your money market investments.